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Half Size Convection Oven Heat Plate

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1 unit

Product description

This heat plate bakes everything in a shorter amount of time! For fast baking of pizza, breads and other baked goods, use Cadco's Half Size Heat Plate. The heat plate will provide fast baking time, up to 50% faster than traditional bake pans! It takes as little as 4-5 minutes to bake a fesh pizza on the heat plate! The plate is manufactured from alloys which provide superior heat storage and produce fast, even cooking of both top and bottom of the food product simultaneously, setting the crust to create a crispy texture. The aluminized steel heat plate has a non-stick baking surface that is easy to clean up after you've finished using the heat plate. The plate helps your oven maintain better temperature stability under normal door opening and closing conditions. This heat plate is for all cadco half size convection ovens. The heat plate is the perfect oven accessory for making pizza, sandwiches, quesadillas, burritos, pita bread and other bread products.

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$50 - $55 / unit
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