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Lime Off® 1 gal. Heavy Duty Lime & Scale Remover

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1 unit

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Remove stubborn lime and mineral deposits with this acid based cleaner. High phosphoric acid content coupled with a low foaming surfactant system provides rapid removal of tough mineral buildups. The acid dissolves mineral deposits and the surfactants suspend them to help clean surfaces. Low foaming properties enable this product to be used in warewashing machines as a descaler and lime remover. Not for use on aluminum. Features for this delimer:Versatile - Use on mineral deposits anywherePhosphoric acid based - Powerful, effective cleanerLow foaming properties - Ideal for use in warewashingAreas of Use:Warewash machinesCoffee urns, utensilsAir conditioning systemsSteam tables, steam equipmentIce machines, water fountainsRestrooms, shower walls, urinals, and sinksTo Use:Dishmachine, Steam Table Deliming & Heavy Deposits: Spray or brush onto surface undiluted. Allow to soak a few minutes. Agitate with a brush. Rinse. Steam Coil Descaling: Inject undiluted into coil; soak 1/2 hour; flush coil after cleaning. Repeat if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. For Stainless Steel, Coffee Urns, and Glassware: Prepare solution of 2 oz per gallon of water. Soak a few minutes. Agitate if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. NOTE: This product will chemically dissolve aluminum. Minimize exposure time and delime only when necessary if coils are made of aluminum. For applications, see label for complete directions and use only as directed.

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