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Manual Juice Press

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Chef's Supreme

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Use this manual juice press to make fresh squeezed juices and bolster beverage sales. Fresh squeezed juice is highly desirable to customers and is a great way to bolster beverage sales. This manual juice press from Chef's Supreme is perfect for making fresh orange juice, lemonade, limeade, and more.This juicer has no slip rubber feet to keep it firmly in place during use. An easy-grip, weighted lever makes operation simple and provides the necessary leverage to get the most juice out of your fruit. A rubber stopper on the front of the juice press prevents damage from the lever and helps assure long-lasting use. A conical strainer helps remove large pulp and sediment leaving you with perfectly squeezed juice. Beneath the strainer is a funnel that makes collection of juice easy and mess free. Simply place a cup or container below the funnel's spout to capture the deliciously squeezed juice. Both the strainer cone and funnel are removable for easy cleanup.

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$80 - $88 / unit
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