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Prodigy® 400 lb. Medium Cube Stainless Water-Cooled Ice Maker


Product specifications

Stainless Steel
5,200 BTUs/hr

Product description

Scotsman take ice machines to the next level with their Prodigy Plus® line with digital controls that take the guesswork out of operation. Its AutoAlert panel displays the ice maker's status, alerts you when it's time to descale or sanitize, and more. The machine's patented WaterSense purge control reduces scale buildup automatically, which cuts back on how often it needs to be cleaned. Internal surfaces feature antimicrobial protection to prevent bacterial buildup between cleaning. The ice maker also features an industry-exclusive QR code (scannable by smartphone) to instantly connect you to the machine's service information and warranty history. It also has a full range of features to maximize savings on water and energy. Scotsman manages to pack all of these features into a machine with one of the industry's smallest operational footprints.This water-cooled ice maker is ready for use with Scotsman's modular storage bin options. The machine can produce up to 420 pounds of medium-sized ice cubes per day.

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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply price
$2,640 - $2,904 / unit
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