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Red Plastic Free Flow Liquor Pourer - MRTLPP-RED

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1 unit

Product description

Get speed and control when pouring drinks with this red plastic free flow liquor pourer. Sold by the dozen Controlled speed is the key to maximizing profits at a bar. You need to be able to make drinks quickly to serve as many customers as possible, but you also need to make drinks consistently to ensure that they taste great and that you aren't over pouring (and losing profits). This red plastic free flow liquor pourer from Mr. Tonic offers you speed and control when serving drinks at your bar. This pourer fits securely into most standard size liquor bottles and provides a steady, smooth pour. The result is more consistent drinks and more profit per bottle.This red liquor pourer can be used as part of a color coded system to help quickly identify bottles in a speed rail. It is a small but essential item for any bar.

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$1.79 - $1.97 / unit
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