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Rustica 38 oz. Brown Dapple Edge Bowl


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1 unit

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Combining rustic style, unique shapes, and earthy colors, this Francessa Rustica 38 oz. bowl will enhance any table setting. Sold by the dozen We eat with our eyes first. Whether you're serving an amazing appetizer, a marvelous main course, or a delicious dessert, Francessa dinnerware will provide a mouth-watering first impression and truly allow your food to shine. For remarkable beauty, durability, and a cost-effective price point, Francessa dinnerware is the perfect choice for your restaurant.The natural hues of this 38 ounce bowl allow you to create a beautiful landscape for your plate service. With brown dapple, soft edges, the Rustica pattern is designed to blend modern luxury with rustic ambience. Each piece of the Rustica pattern undergoes strict quality control through every step of the manufacturing process, from selection of materials, to forming the clay, and through the firing process. Every piece is fired at least twice resulting in a unique combination of smooth, velvety texture and durability. Rustica china is completely vitrified and designed for tough commercial use, and is safe for conventional ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.

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$90 - $99 / unit
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