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SelfCookingCenter® XS Electric Combi Oven/Steamer


Product specifications

Stainless Steel
NEMA 15-30P
(4) 2/3 pans

Product description

Cook an entire meal all at once with precision and control. Since their first combi steamer in 1976, Rational has been improving commercial kitchens by pushing the limits of technology for well over 40 years. The Rational SelfCookingCenter® XS combi oven/steamer is the culmination of their effort to bring you advanced, efficient, and consistent cooking, meal after meal, day after day.iCookingControlGone are the days requiring constant checking and monitoring of your food in the oven. With its sensors, iCookingControl is able to recognize the size, condition, and load of the food and automatically adjust. This means you save time and money with no checking or monitoring required. The easy push button graphical display allows even untrained staff to cook exactly how the food should be. This system has automatic learning for consistent results, every time. This oven uses gradual heating which consumes 20% less raw material than conventional cooking methods.iLevelControlUtilizing the intelligence of the iLevelControl's system, you can cook an entire at one time. Simply select what you are cooking and the system will tell you what can be cooked with alongside, and automatically adjust. When an item is done, iLevelControl will indicate the corresponding rack. This gives you maximum flexibility for cooking different foods at once. This intelligent automatic cooking will adjust the time and temperature for consistent high-quality food. This system will effortlessly guide you to which foods can be cooked together. By cooking together, you can find up to a 70% energy savings versus conventional separate cooking.HiDensityControlEvery single second, the high-sensitivity sensors throughout the oven detect and interpret the conditions. HiDensityControl will automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, and air uniformly and specifically to your food. The dynamic circulation engine ensures uniformity. Active dehumidifiers produce crispy, crunchy foods automatically, while steam saturation with ClimaPlus Control® will keep even delicate foods moist. The maximum 575° temperature is achieved quickly through air and steam for minimal energy consumption when compared to a conventional oven.Efficient CareControlNot only will the SelfCookingCenter cook by itself, it will clean itself. Powerful enough to detect soil and scale level, the Efficient CareControl will automatically clean and descale, unsupervised, on your schedule. This combi oven automatically adjusts cleaning needed for minimal operating costs. No descaling equipment needed, it does its own work to descale during the cleaning process. You can create your own customized cleaning schedule around your needs then all your need to do is simply set to clean, adds cleaning tabs, and you're done.American Market FeaturesThe American kitchen is demanding and unforgiving. The SelfCookingCenter includes features exclusive to the American market that further expand the functionality and reduce usage costs. RATIONAL remote function is an internet connected application for your oven. When connected to a network, you can monitor and even control cooking right from your device. You can also download the automatic HACCP data logging information. Equipped with a centrifugal grease separator, this patented design eliminates the need to change grease filters and transfers no flavor. Built right into the side, an integrated hand shower with retractable hose allows you to add water to dishes, deglaze, or even rough clean. The triple-pane glass door features three layers of heat reflecting glass saves you an additional 10% over previous models. LED lighting neutrally lights every rack, front to back, top to bottom and side to side. The patented intelligent 6-point probe is designed to measure the hottest and coldest areas of food to automatically adjust cooking even when the probe can't be fully inserted.

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