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Stainless Butter Roller

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

Butter breads, buns, and biscuits quickly and evenly using this butter roller. Spread butter quickly, evenly, and conveniently with the Chef-Master stainless butter roller. Made from durable stainless steel, this butter roller is designed to sit on the griddle or grill surface. Sitting on the hot surface keeps the butter warm and in easy reach for buns, breads, biscuits, and vegetables. The mesh roller collects butter from the basin and spreads its evenly and consistently. This butter roller features an easily removable roller assembly for quick additions to the butter basin. The ease and simplicity of this butter roller increases productivity by reducing spills on the grill top and cleanup required.

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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply price
$30 - $33 / unit
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