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SteamCraft Ultra 3 Countertop Pressureless Convection Steamer

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
8,300 watts
208 volts3 phase

Product description

Many of today's chefs are turning to steam cooking. They find it to be a wonderful way to cook. Steam can put heat into a product quickly and without burning or damaging the food. Cleveland understands this very well, and has jumped ahead of the competition. With an emphasis on greater performance, efficiency and operating ease, Cleveland is the leading line of steamer cookers that deliver fresh nutritious food in step with today's healthful eating. With this in mind, the 21-CET-8 SteamCraft Ultra 3 is ideal for a la carte or heavy volume cooking. The 21-CET-8 SteamCraft Ultra 3's PowerPak's electric steam generator consists of one special stainless steel fire bar heating element, strong 14 gauge stainless steel construction, a large 3.5gal generator reservoir for fast steam cooking production, and a fully insulated rear mounted steam generator. The easy-access generator cleaning port is located on the outside, top of the unit - no need to remove hot panels or rack guides to access. The Ultra 3's Instant Steam stand-by mode holds the generator at a steaming temperature, allowing it to start cooking instantly. Another feature of the 21-CET-8 steamer is the main power ON/OFF switch with automatic water fill. The steamer has an exclusive steam cooking distribution system and "Cool to the touch" two-piece compartment door design.

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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply price
$6,453 - $7,098 / unit
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