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Vina 16 oz. Wine Glass w/ "Vino!" Pour Line


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16 oz
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1 unit

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Set a mood. Set an expectation. Set your tables for success with glassware from Libbey Foodservice. Sold in a case of 12 As America's glass maker since 1818, Libbey is renowned as the leading producer of glass tableware products in the Western Hemisphere. But glassware is just a part of Libbey's story. As a fully integrated tabletop provider, Libbey dinnerware, metalware, and holloware are manufactured to the same exacting Libbey standards for quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal as Libbey glassware.Whether returning from a round of golf or gathering for a business meeting, most customers take for granted how tabletop accessories provide the little touches that create atmosphere and mood, be it casual or elegant, or a little of both. All tabletop accessories have a job to do, but their primary role is to coordinate beautifully as part of a complete tablescape while providing functionality and durability.From a special girls night out to your regulars unwinding from the day, there are plenty of reasons your customers are in the mood for a good glass of wine. Recognizing the vital role the right wine glass plays will help you get the most from your wine list. The proper glass presents a multi-sensory experience. The clarity of the glass lets the eyes take in the wine's color and consistency. The shape of the bowl helps the nose appreciate the intensity or delicacy of the bouquet. And a quality rim properly delivers the wine to the palate to interpret the harmony of taste, texture, and bouquet. For perfect tasting, a wine glass should be served one-third full. All of these qualities help you create the best wine experience possible for your customers.This wine glass from Libbey says "Vino" on the side", with a line on top and bottom of the word. The lines reference an ounce amount to help you maintain consistency when serving to help keep your costs down by portion controlling and less glassware being used. You can serve 6 or 9 ounces of wine, depending on which line you use. This allows you to have one glass for either a regular or large serving of wine. With Libbey's Finedge® feature, this wine glass has a minimum bead creating a distinctive, finely rimmed appearance that brings subtle beauty to a variety of stemware.

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