Wine Science Set of 4 Wide Mouth Glasses with 4 Cheese Knives - Mouth Blown Premium Crystal Glassware 19 oz

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Wine glass
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Wine glasses break but that doesn't mean our customers have to pay for a new set when their glasses break. When you buy Advanced Mixology's WINE SCIENCE wine glasses you get a free replacement glass whenever a glass breaks. We have got you covered even if you are not happy with the glasses. We will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
ULTRA THIN CRYSTAL GLASS: Feel the difference of drinking from a premium crystal glass where the wine just rolls into your mouth. When you take a sip you will not have thick glass in your mouth.
MOUTH BLOWN: Each glass is mouth blown and hand crafted to give it the perfect shape, size and clarity. Cheaper machine blown wine glasses lack the clarity and sleekness which is achieved through mouth blowing pure crystal glass.
NO SEAMS: The complete glass is a single piece with no unsightly joints or seams. Just run your finger across these premium crystal wine glasses to experience the difference.
GIFT BOX and CHEESE KNIVES: To give your wine glasses company and to help you entertain your guests we have included wood handle cheese knives and put the whole set in a beautiful gift box.

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