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Mash Filter Brewhouse Systems


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Our brewhouse systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. and Western Europe entirely from grade 304 and 316 grade stainless steel. The Meura 2001® mash filter is at the center of all these systems. Our standard system consists of 3 vessels + mash filter. AEGIR brewing systems are engineered and built to a standard normally found only on larger systems and with features not generally supplied by others. For example: - All vessels are made from grade 304 stainless steel with a 10 gauge inner vessel and a 12 gauge outer skin. They are insulated on the bottom and sides with 2 in. thick fiber insulation and our kettles are also insulated on the top. They feature glass manways, come with CIP spray balls fitted, an internal dome light, have all the electrical wiring and piping for the vessel protected by routing them between the inner and outer walls of vessel thereby giving a clean, clutter-free appearance. - A thoughtfully-designed platform that can accommodate small groups, a wide staircase with full-sized, easy-to-climb, steps - All the pumps and motors on the system have variable frequency drives for optimizing process conditions. - All major system components are skid-mounted with their piping for easy installation and rapid start-up

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