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EUROMATIC EQUIPMENT TYPE PENTA 5MA B14/M71 Direct current motor with gearbox (Used)


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Euromatic Equipment

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A range of direct-current motors with power, reliability and durability feature. Using only top-quality materials, PENTA is ideal for variable-speed handling applications. Available with a wide range of windings, as well as different mechanical configurations and options, PENTA is flexible and adaptable to an extremely wide variety of specific needs. The equipment is barely used, only 472 hours! Spec sheet Full Document Brand: Euromatic Equipment Model: PENTA 5MA B14/M71 Specs: 3000 RPM, 565 watts, 180V, 3.7 amps, 1.8 Nm. Frame 71. Flange B14. Gearbox is a 2/1MG type, 72: 1 Ratio, 30 Nm.

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