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IPTS HQD-A-56C Helical Gear Speed Reducers


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The IPTS, Inc. Helical Gear Speed Reducers Sizes A-D with quill (plug-in) input are available in double and triple reduction ratios for foot mounting or with flanged output. They accept standard, off-the-shelf, AC or DC motors in NEMA frames from 56C to 210TC. No input coupling is required saving installation time and space. - Close grained cast iron construction. - Stepped output shaft with oversized ball and tapered roller bearings with high overhung load capability. - Double lip, spring loaded output seal guards against oil leakage while preventing dirt from entering the reducer. - Hardened and shaved steel gears are used throughout for high efficiency and quiet operation. - Brass, spring loaded pressure relief breather plug. - Output shaft has a tapped hole in the end to facilitate mounting a sprocket or gear. - Output cover is dowel pinned to gearcase before line boring to ensure perfect alignment of gears. - Slots in C face to facilitate motor removal. - Conveyors - Packaging Machinery - Cranes/ Hoists/ Winches - Mixers/ Agitators Brand: IPTS Model: HQD-A-56C Condition: New Features: Configurations: Mounts: Foot or Flange Reduction: Double or Triple Shaft Diameters: 7/8" Input Flange Size: 56C to 210TC Ratio: 17.861:1 ​HP: 1.7 Applications:

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