OAL FIRO/RE-6/9/72-6L Heat Shrink Tunnel

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Shrink tunnel
Manufacturer: OAL Associates
Model: FIRO/RE-6/9/72-6L
Serial number: 16104-1
Spec: 480V / 3phases / 22amps / 18kw. (Can be converted to 220V / 3Phase)

Sizes: 73'' long X 36'' wide X 67'' high.
Dimensions of the aperture: 73'' long X 9'' high X 6'' wide.

Stainless steel construction, can shrink neck or sleeve, hot air shrink tunnel. Is capable of handling 4-1/2" diameter necks and up to 7" high bans or sleeves with (4) top mounted recirculating blower motors with adjustable airflow. Control panel has temperature controller heat, down / up, manual / automatic, on / off switches and is mounted on a stainless steel base frame.

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