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Motosel Automatic Transmission Fluid


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MOTOSEL DEX-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid is an advanced ATF fluid approved for use in passenger car and light truck automatic transmissions that require a General Motors DEXRON VI or earlier generation DEXRON fluid. It provides extreme protection, oxidation control, excellent low temperature and superior shear stability performance and offers consistent shift performance for the life of the fluid. It is particularly recommended for use in GM 6-speed automatic transmissions, and is fully backwards compatible with older GM automatic transmissions. MOTOSEL PREMIUM ATF-111 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID is a multi-purpose fluid, blended from selected, highly refined base stocks and advanced additives. It is recommended for transmission systems, hydraulic systems, and power steering units manufactured worldwide requiring performance standards of ATF-I11 type fluids / DEXRON®-I11 (H), DEXRON®-I11, DEXRON®-IIE, DEXRON®, MERCON®, Ford ESP-M2C138-CJ, Ford ESP-M2C166-H or Type A Suffix A, Allison C-3/C-4, or Caterpillar TO-2 fluids.

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