Model B-SV-600

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Auger filler
The All-Fill Model B-SV-600 Servodrive Auger Filler revolutionizes traditional auger filler design for accurate, repeatable filling of powders, granular materials, and liquid products. Employing technologies first developed for the high-tech robotic and machine automation fields, the Model B-SV-600 utilizes a brush-less, direct drive servomotor and state of the art motion control electronics to control the auger. Sophisticated feedback calculated by the PLC based control system provides remarkable filling accuracy.


Eliminating Clutch/Brake, Belts, and Pulleys.
Advanced design of the Model B-SV-600 reduces maintenance by eliminating traditional mechanical components encountered in most auger fillers, such as clutch/brake, belt drive, etc.
The servodrive of the B-SV-600 consists of a high performance, permanent magnet, synchronous servo motor and motion control electronics package.
The motor output shaft is coupled in-line with the auger shaft through two radial bearings for direct power transmission to the auger.

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