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ABT 60-bbl FVs and BBTs



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Product description

All ABT tanks include all necessary valves, clamps and fittings, have true shadowless manways for complete CIP cleaning coverage, a 5.5-inch dry-hopping port on the top dome and brand-name fittings such as Definox PRVs. Our cooling jackets are complete wrap-arounds, and cover at least 75% of the wall and cone surface area, which is far more than most of the other brewery tanks in the market. Our 304 stainless steel inner wall is 3mm, as compared to 2.5mm for most of our competitors. Our tank legs merge seamlessly into the tank sidewalls - no rivets, welded plaques or silicone caulking. The interior welds are polished to pharmaceutical grade finishes. ABT tanks are comparable to the best from Paul Mueller or DCI, but at around half the cost of those high grade manufacturers. This is why we have a substantial number of client breweries who reorder and reorder again from us.

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