A.B.E.'s LinCan 18, 35 & 65

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Can filler
LinCan Systems Includes:
- Automatic oxygen purge/ beer filler heads (11 heads on the LinCan65, 7 on the LinCan 35, 4 on the LinCan 18) 
- Quick change lid magazine
- Lid pick-in-motion 
- CO2 pressurized lid chute 
- Lid Detection / Rejection system 
- Automatic can Servo Seamer™ Faster and more accurate than other seamers in its class. Speeds up canning process and lowers DO pickup.
- Can external rinser (Standard on LinCan35, 65)
- Air blade can dryer (Standard on LinCan 35, 65)
- Main conveyor system with wash down motor
- Complete stainless steel drip tray system with central drain
- PLC controlled w/ oversize touch screen display
- IPad and IPhone access for remote monitoring and control

Features / Advantages
- Up to 18, 35 or 65 cans/minute capacity based on 12oz volume
- Sizes from 12 oz. to 24 oz. (Can be customized to work with smaller can sizes) 
- 304 Stainless Steel construction
- Transparent enclosures around filler, seamer, rinser
- Operator friendly 33" Conveyor height 

48" wide Empty Can Feed Table
Ink Jet date Coder
12" x 8" Filled can Accumulation Conveyor
Integration to PakTech 6-Pack Applicator. 
Empty Can In-Line Rinser 
Yellow Jacket™ Depalletizer

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