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LinCan System



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35 cans/min , 65 cans/min
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A.B.E.’s LinCan™ series can help your brewery meet its distribution quotas. There are two lines, each with a different speed (35 or 65 cans per minute), to meet whatever production level you require. Additionally, our new Servo Seamer™ technology allows for quicker, tighter seams, which means more consistency in your product. Product Features: -A.B.E. LinCan™ Complete Canning Lines -LinCan™ 65 & 35 CPM -Modular design allows expansion from 35 to 65 CPM! -Servo-Seamer Technology lowers DO pickup and provides tighter, faster seaming process -In-line filling technology -No need for weighing your cans, with our in-line filling technology we eliminate the need, time and manpower for that perfect fill. -Minimal Footprint -PLC controls with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities from your iPhone or iPad System Includes: -Main transfer Conveyors -Purge & Fill Cycles -Lid Applicator -External Rinser and Air Blast -Control Panel with Large HMI Touch Screen Display

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