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Patriot Craft Still Series

Product specifications

Still Type
Column Still
Copper and Steel Mix
With Column
With Column
Grain or NGS
Both Grain and NGS

Product description

FEATURES: • Explosion-proof mixing motor agitates wash to prevent scorching of solids in the kettle. • Onion-shaped helmet on top of kettle helps reduce pressure and holds back higher boiling compounds. • Temperature probe in pot helps user control modulation of steam maintaining desired temperature providing consistency in the distilling process. • LED lighting in column and Pot. (optional) • Three-way valve for pot and column selection helps during striping cycle by retaining more of the original fermented wash. Switches for raw and fine burning. • Insulated jacket kettle. • Versatile system designed to produce any spirit from gin to whiskey. SPECS: • Semi continuous design for maximum efficiency • Standard Four plate glass rectification column • Efficient CIP ring for 360 degree cleaning • Standard Whiskey Helmet (other styles available upon request) • Copper and 304 Stainless Construction (no solder) • Three position valves for stripping and rectifification runs • Stainless tube and Shell liquid management condenser with glass shell for full viewing of condensing water. • 304 Stainless steel process piping STILL SIZES: • 50 gallon • 125 gallon • 250 gallon semi-continuous design • 500 gallon • 1000 gallon semi-continuous design

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16-20 Weeks from time of order

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Lincoln, NE
Lincoln, NE