Stampa Edizione Porcelain Cups (Set of 6)

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Ceramic mug
Style: Other
Espresso 2.5oz
Cappuccino 6.1oz

The Edizioni series (which simply means "editions" in Italian), is a series of custom designs built around one theme. Each year, Ancap releases a new special edition series which is meant to bring together the best of Ancap's design and durability. Each set includes 6 cups with a different design on each cup. Like all Ancap products, these espresso and cappuccino cups are 100% made in Italy at Ancap's factory on the outskirts of Verona.

Edition: Stampa | Verona
The special edition series selection for 2014, Stampa is a tip of the hat to print and typography, as well as the first special edition series to be offered on their popular Verona style espresso and cappuccino cups. The Verona style is Ancap's most popular, featuring a classically rounded bowl-shaped design. Each set comes with an optional red embossed gift box featuring the Ancap logo 

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