Verona Black Hand-Painted Saucers

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Ceramic mug
Color: Black
Style: Latte and Other
Jumbo Latte 

Ancap has been pouring quality and focus into its porcelain products for over 50 years. After 50 years of producing a high quality product, some would be tempted to sit back and take a break. Others would turn their success into rolling out some product variations like their competitors. Ancap, on the other hand, has chosen the more difficult path of continuing to press on without giving up their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

With Ancap's new Hand-Painted saucers, each saucer is decorated by hand, translating into a unique, one-of-a-kind paint application for each one. The saucers are then re-fired with the paint going under the glaze, resulting in an application whose finish over the color is as smooth as a non-color saucer. The saucers come in 7 different colors and all four Verona saucer sizes.


The Hand-Painted Saucers are the Verona styling and will fit any Ancap Cup Model that is the same corresponding size. (e.g. Hand-Painted Espresso Saucer will fit Verona 1.9oz, 2.5oz, and 4.4oz, Torino 2.4oz, as well as Edizione Italia in Bici [Giotto Style Cup], and Edizione Arlecchino [Edex Style Cup] Espresso cups).

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