Verona Black Striped Cup & Saucer (see description for sizes)

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Product Type:
Ceramic mug
Color: Black and White
Style: Latte and Other
Sizes available:

Espresso 1.9oz
Espresso 2.5oz
Competition Cappuccino 5.1oz
Cappuccino 6.1oz
Large Cappuccino 8.8oz
Latte 11.8oz 

Ancap's commitment to high quality ingredients and industry-exceeding production standards is what produces a cup that exudes quality and elegance. With Ancap's new Black series of Verona cups, the quality is retained and elegance further defined. The contrast between Ancap's pure white porcelain shine and the black styling of the handle and saucer produces one classy cup and saucer. All of the cups are 100% made in Italy, produced at Ancap's factory just outside of Verona, Italy.

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