BEER KEGS A keg is a cylindrical container constructed in stainless steel used to store under pressure, transport, and serve beer.

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BEER KEGS EURO STANDARDS in Europe the most popular keg size is 50 liters includes the UK (keg of 11 imperial gallons almost the size 50 liters). A Euro regulation defines 50, 30, 25 and 20 liters where the Keg shape is usually thicker but less tall than the German keg specifications.
SUPERMONTE GROUP produces with the most advanced industrial technology offering to the market customized kegs and containers solutions using certified stainless steel to meet the demands of today food & chemical industry, the Supermonte beer Kegs have 3 essential components:
VESSEL The vessel is the result of the plasma welding, without addition of weld material, along the circumference of 2 bowls obtained by sheet drawing. The Keg vessels have 2 ribs which make them stronger and easier to roll.
UPPER SKIRT The upper skirt has handles to allow a safe grip for shifting.
LOWER SKIRT.The upper and lower skirts are welded to the vessel by MIG welding.
Furthermore, it allows the kegs to be stacked and the upper and lower skirts are welded to the vessel by MIG welding
CUSTOMIZED BEER KEGS, on request we can customized and provide our international beer kegs with the following specs:

KEGS STACKABLE and safely arranged
FITTINGS STAFF: internal round joint; external round joint; external triangular joint; combi or special joint

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