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WINE STORAGE CONTAINERS containers produced in safe and certified stainless steel used to store food and beverage


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STAINLESS STEEL WINE DRUMS italian industrial wine storage containers design for our engineers to support wine manufacturing and industrial made in Italy. SUPERMONTE GROUP with facilities in Lecce Italy offers high machining technology to fit the market customized wine storage containers solutions using stainless steel to meet the demands of today food & chemical industry, the Supermonte wine stainless steel containers has the following features: STAINLESS STEEL 18/10 AISI 304 as main material used to produce our wine, beverage and certified food industrial containers made in Italy. ACCESSORIES MADE IN ITALY made in Italy components for our containers. CUSTOMIZED SIZES. our engineering department coordinates with each of our customers to fit and meet their market requirements offering the very best Wine Storage Containers any size. Wine Storage Container: Feautures and technical specifications: - Stainless steel wine container 18/10 AISI 304 - Wine storage container welded type TIG - Bright external surface in BA - Customized hole per taps - Taps in chromed brass material - Storage container cover knob

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