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Water treatment equipment
A pre-filter a 5 micron removes silt, sediment, sand, and sludge.
An activated carbon pre-filter a 1 micron traps contaminants such as chromium, chlorine, chloramine and pesticides.
A Ceramic Carbon Filter 0.5 micron that has been blended with an oxidation media, which traps particles of heavy metals such as lead and copper.
RO membrane, allowing only clean water to pass through the small pores. Impurities are trapped and flushed down the drain. Treated water is then sent to a storage tank.
Activated carbon post-filter is used to polish the RO water just prior to the faucet.
This HeavyMetals Aqua Belle RO unit is especially designed for areas with water supplies contaminated by heavy metals and high TDS. It combines reverse osmosis technology with oxidation/carbon filtration to bring up to 50 gallons per day of bottled water quality to the faucet at the fraction of the cost. That’s 50 gallons of clear, refreshing water that is not only healthy to drink, but good for cooking and in use in appliances such as steam irons, humidifiers, ice makers, and car batteries. It’s better for your pet’s drinking water too.
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