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ESD Anti Fatige Mat Kits

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ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Kits are made of 3/8 inch thick closed-cell expanded polyvinyl chloride material designed to provide comfort and reduce worker fatigue when used in a static sensitive environment. Surface Resistivity is 10^9– 10^10 Ohms. They are the most economical ESD anti fatigue mat available. The construction design of the ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat allows for effective static charge removal at a non-damaging flow rate and the emboss pattern makes it slip resistant. They are known to maintain a consistent discharge throughout the life of the mat with no noticeable deterioration of effectiveness. Resistant to degradation by inorganic acid, organic acids, detergent solutions, alcohol and mineral oil. Suggested service temperature of -20 degrees F to +160 degrees F. Meets ASTM D412, D624 AND D2240, ESD S4.1-1997. These ESD Floor Mats come with with a low profile ground cord and an ESD heel grounder. Available only in Gray color and in 3 ft. and 4 ft. widths.

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