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Face Place Wedding Booth

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Apple Industries
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The Perfect Photo Booth For The Most Important Event Of A Lifetime!Apple Industry’s Face Place Wedding Booth will make the most important event of a lifetime even more special. The cabinet is absolutely beautiful with white and silver upholstered trim and will capture the most memorable photos that will last a lifetime for your client. Nothing will rent easier or make your company stand out more in a crowded than the Face Place Wedding Booth. Includes Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor and Credit Card Capabilit,mitsubishi Dye-Sub Printing System,Ability to Customize Borders and Backgrounds,Caster Wheels for Easy Placement,Large Film Capacity – 600 vends per roll, Free Upgradeable Software, Captures Photos on Flash Drive, Puts Logos on Photo Strip Why rental customers will love the Wedding Booth: No set-up. Plug and Play, Built-in-Dolly System,Includes Nine Popular Software Packages: Black and White Photo Strips, Color Photo Strips, 4×6 Photos, Face Replacements5. Passport Style Photo, Hair Styles. Fun Backgrounds, Holiday Borders, Postcards Includes Smile 2.0 Software, Touch Screen Navigation, Connects to Social Networks, Sends Emails and Captures Email, Records Audio and Video,Remote Control Auditing System

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