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Magazine Me Mini

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Apple Industries
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Lights, Camera...Apple Industry’s Magazine Me Mini lets you have it all, fame, fortune and a souvenir that will last forever. Experience the excitement of seeing your face on the cover of a magazine. Simply choose who you want to be and where you want to be and like magic, you’re a famous celebrity on the cover of a magazine. Show it to your family and friends. A bit of nostalgia, a bit of tomfoolery, Magazine Me Mini is the perfect photo machine for everyone who enjoys remembering a good time. Perfect for malls, shopping centers, resorts, amusement parks and wherever crowds congregate. Magazine Me Mini is the perfect money maker! Magazine Me Mini offers a new twist to long-term photo booth revenue. Customers are sure to remember the location where Magazine Me Mini provided their personalized magazine cover. Magazine Me Mini is a sure-fire souvenir builder. Magazine Me Mini is made from heavy-gauge steel with Large 6×8 prints,Comes in two sizes for any location, Caster Wheel for easy placement, 270 Magazine Cover vends to a roll of film, DBA with stacker included, Credit or Debit Card capability, Ability to add custom magazine covers, New magazine covers added all the time

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