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Shuffleboard for the Digital Age

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Arachnid Inc
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Shuffleboard for the Digital AgeArachnid’s Knock Off Shuffleboard offers a unique spin on standard shuffleboard tables. Shuffleboard is being updated for the digital age, at only 5 1/2? long, Knock Off is able to fit in just about any location. No need for 22? of open space anymore. Knock Off is a great mix between reality and virtual reality. To play, you slide the puck with ball bearings on the smooth board surface towards the monitor. The puck glides into a sensor under the monitor and the monitor picks up in the direction/angle and speed that you sent your puck. Don’t angle the puck too much or it will go into the gutters and don’t send it speeding down the lane too fast or you will end up passing up the chance to pick up points or knock off your opponent. Automatic scoring equals no miss-scores or cheating. Knock Off offers 3 ways of playing: “Casual Play”, “League Play” and “Tournament Play.” Casual Play: 5 Games: Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader of the Puck, First to 21, Crazy Shuffle,1-4 players per game,Single player games allowed to play against computerLeague Play: Supports the games: Knock Off 11 and Knock Off 15,League Leader software compatible, Game stores all standings & schedules, Paperless leagues: game tracks all player and team statistics,Game communicates via broadband. Tournament Play: 4 or 8 player charts, Random (luck of the draw) placement of players, Singles or 2 out of 3 match play, Single or double elimination tournament, “Byes” automatically inserted, Player names appear on screen, Hot Button supported for name and credits. Extra Features: No wax needed ever, Large LCD, color monitor, Monitor protection plate

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