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Side Box

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Coast to Coast
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Unlock Your PrizeOur Side Box has five lockers and each has their own key. They are labeled A, B, C, D and E. Each key is different so when the customer receives the key it is for a particular locker.The keys are re-usable as they stay in the lock after the prize is taken. You put in your key to release the lock and the key. This way you can use the keys over and over again.The Side Box has LED lights so it is very bright and will grab a customer’s attention. You can put in an array of prizes. Operators are using: 9? basketballs (both licensed and regular), jumbo plush, roller skates, video games, bricks of tickets and loose tickets, a family of plush items, headphones, MP3 and MP4’s, gift cards…it is only limited to your imagination.Side Boxes can be used on our Monkey Bizz-Ness, any crane and any merchandiser. Many operators are putting the Side Box in-between our Candy Street and another crane. They put capsules in both games and see dramatic increases in their revenue as both games drive income.The Side Box measures: 16? W x 18? D x 60? H. It can be secured quite easily.

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