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Vendo Sanden Trade Line
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Bring Products To Life With The V21 Equipment Line The V21 offers fast set-up-converting columns from bottles to cans has never been easier! No shim, spacers, gauge bars, gauge bar clips, or cams to adjust. Vend-mechanisms are self-priming for additional time-savings at product set-up. Simply move the back spacer, adjust the product slide and select the appropriate depth setting to set-up a column for a different vent product. Slide out loading rack allows for greater access to the columns during product loading. Rugged top retainer ensures consistent product alignment every time the door is closed. The V21 epoxy coated vend chute provides smooth product delivery. ADA Compliant, UL certified, ENERGY STAR The V21 stack allows for maximum flexibility during product loading. Most products can be loaded caps to back, butt-to-butt, or in combination.CO2 Powered Refrigeration System (optional feature):Energy STAR & Department of Energy (DOE):

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