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15 Gallon Vat Pasteurizer


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he Vat Pasteurizer (15 Gallon) Features: 7" power cord with equipment leakage current interrupter. Fuse protection with class 3AG/3AB Glass or Ceramic fuses. Main power indicator light on the North Shore Safety Ltd. line guard. Protective rubber boots over switch. Precision temperature control and adjustable from front panel of recorder. Accurate product temperature recording with Anderson 12" chart recorder 90° to 190° F. Accurate air-space temperature recorded on same disc as product. Product: Anderson Temperature Transmitting Thermometer 16" long.Micro Dairy Processing Equipmentmilkin Air Space: Anderson Temperature Transmitting Thermometer 5" long. Air Space fan to reduce hot and cold spots in the air space. Thermometer bracket for safe and easy storing. Air Space fan holder for safe and easy storing. Chart recorder is in 0.1° F increments. Thermometers are in 0.1° F increments. Variable speed fully enclosed mixer motor with built in circuit breaker. Flat stainless steel paddle for better product mixing. One piece insulated lid 2" thick for better air space temperature control. Air-Space Heater. State of the art relays for millions of cycles. Liquid deflection boot over mixer access tube. 15 gallon capacity stainless steel product tank. Pitched bottom 1/2" per foot. Rear Leg Extender for complete drainage. Quick disassembly of leak-detect valve for ease of cleaning. 24" under drain valve to retrieve product. (less product handling) Garden type connections on both inlet and outlet side of water jacket. Water expansion discharge tube. 100 pieces of chart recorder paper. Complete set of fuses (4).

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