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64 Gallon Milkplan Bulk Tank


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Additional Options and Accessories for Bulk Tanks (these items are not included in the price of the bulk tank): Chart recorder: Not all states require a chart recorder, but it is important to check with your inspector before ordering a bulk tank., as one may be required for Grade A use. (Chart recorder will be installed before shipment.) Chart Recorder Installation: This process involves the installation of a temperature sensor under the outlet valve of bulk tank with a 12' cord to connect to the chart recorder. Mounting and calibrating of chart recorder will have to be completed upon arrival. Filler adapter kit to ensure a clean, direct fill of milk totes, jars, etc. 2" Dust Cap: protects your milk from outside contaminants while the bulk tank is not in use. (To use the dust cap, you will also need a 2'' Heavy Duty Clamp and 2" gasket.) Bulk Tank Features: Maximum capacity is 63.7 gallons. Part # MPV200.

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