Automatic Bottle Filler Capper

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Bottle filler
Bob-White Systems' Automatic Filler Capper makes bottling milk easy! Its unique craftsmanship is simple to operate and easy to clean. It is designed for grade- A use and fills glass OR plastic bottles (but not both)!

The Automatic Filler Capper can now come equipped with a product pump and level control to make operating even easier.


Fills glass OR plastic bottles (but not both)
Removable template to accommodate different sized bottles 
Adjustable filler bowl to accommodate different height bottles
Stainless Steel construction with rounded corners for easy cleaning
Spinner capper with hopper for cap storage
Lid for storage vat equipped with ports and a vent 
Plexi glass back shield
High capacity Fogg fill valve
Adjustable feet for leveling
Counterbalanced manual foot pedal
Fills up to 200 gallons or 300 1/2 gallons per hour
Product pump with level control features:

Pump with stainless steel 120V motor
Frequency drive speed control with float level control
Piping from pump to vat with check valve

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