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Milkplan Cooling Transport Tanks


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Your dream has become a reality! Introducing the perfect marriage between our bulk tanks and transport tanks: the Cooling Transport Tank. This stainless steel elliptical closed type tank comes with a cooling unit, diesel generator, and cooling controller. It can actively cool your milk and keep it cool all the way to the creamery! This insulated stainless steel tank is designed by Milkplan and ensures a safe, clean,and reliable method of transporting your milk from one location to another. You may choose to purchase the CIP tank washer to go with the transport tank. It comes in three sizes: 132 gallons, 185 gallons, & 264 gallons. Please note: Tanks may also be equipped with a cover for the generator and compressor. The cover is an additional $500. Features: Double stainless steel wall construction. Polyurethane foam insulation. Easy installation on the truck. Inner vessel stainless: 2 mm thick. Outer vessel stainless: 1.5 mm thick. Smooth inner sides, rounded angles, perfectly polished welding. From 1 to 3 milk outlets, depending on the model. Comes with Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve & PVC Cap with stainless chain. Stainless manhole, elevated to avoid overflowing and watertight. Setup to work with the CIP washing system. Equipped with a sprayball. Stainless steel ventilation cap, suitable to be used as milk inlet. Stainless steel legs, specially designed for mounting on the truck. Available capacities: 132 gallons, 185 gallons, & 264 gallons. 132 gallons: $9,500. 185 gallons: $10,500. 264 gallons: $12,500. Tank Washer CIP: $2,800.

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