NuPulse Bucket Milker for One Goat

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Milking machine
Our NuPulse Goat Bucket Milker is an affordable and ideal system for small dairy farms. The NuPulse claw is completely plastic with a vacuum-operated pulsator incorporated directly into the claw's body. The pulsation rate is controlled by the goat's individual flow rate, putting less stress on her teats and reducing fall-off. The larger bowl and steeper exit angle of the outlet cause the milk to collect rapidly and exit the claw into the line.The rapid milk evacuation helps maintain a more stable teat end vacuum, which is critical to fast milking. 

This bucket milker is simple to use and easy to maintain, and a great alternative to a pipeline system. This package includes everything EXCEPT THE VACUUM PUMP. In order to power this system, a vacuum pump is required. This bucket milker is one of our most popular systems!

Milker includes:

Your Choice of Stainless Steel bucket
Stainless Steel lid with gasket
All milk & vacuum hoses
NuPulse standard claw 
NuPulse lightweight shells & NuPulse rubber goat inflations

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