Supplier rating

10 Head 5.0 Liter & 14 Head 5.0L Buckets - MA1050/1450

Product specifications

Maximum Speed
40/60 weighments/min
Power Supply
Single Phase

Product description

Maximum Speed: Up to 40/60 Weighments/Min Drive System:: Advanced stepper motor control HMI Control: Large color touch screen Center Cone: Built in load cell technology Weigh Hoppers: MA1050 10-5.0 liter buckets MA1450 14-5.0 liter buckets Contact Surfaces: Smooth stainless steel Construction: 304 stainless steel Standard Electrical: 220v/20amp Single Phase Equipment Dimension's: 1690mm x 1690mm x 1746mm 66.5” (L) x 66.5” (W) x 68.7” (H) Technical Advantages: • High grade 304 stainless steel construction • Automatic frequency vibration control • User friendly HMI color touch screen • East removal of components no tools required • Live display of individual amplitude • Live display of individual weight readings • Auto zeroing during operation for accuracy • Self-diagnostic alerts in pop up window • Center load cell replacing traditional photocell • Radius corner stainless steel buckets • Rejection of unqualified weights • Multiple dumps for bulk weighing • Stagger dump for large unit size applications • Large color touch screen with product imaging Options: • Ethernet remote diagnostics • Dimpled contact surfaces • Powder flow control head • Dual motor timing hopper • V-Shape vibrator pans • Stainless steel scale stand • Stainless steel mezzanine • Semi auto hand fill controls • Integration with variety of baggers, conveyors, printers, hand fill devices, semi-auto applications and bulk box fill

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