31x60 PVC Capsules

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Bottle capsule
Capsules made from PVC can be used for a wide range of beverages including wine, spirits, olive oil, and a wide variety of gourmet food products (sauces, marinades, etc). These capsules can be applied either by hand or automatically on a high speed capsule dispensing machine and must be shrunk onto the bottle with heat.  They are always put on top of a screw cap or a bartop closure and therefore the size is determined after the closure is applied to the bottle. These capsules can be made with or without tear- tabs which are used for tamper evidence as well as easy opening

    Stock capsules have grape top emboss and two breather holes.
        Inquire about custom and plain top capsules.
    Stock capsules are 31 x 60mm
        Inquire about other sizes.

Handling, Storage and Bottling

    PVC Capsules must be stored in a controlled, cool temperature environment between 58° & 95° F.
    PVC colors will shrink at different temperatures.  It is customer’s responsibility to identify what is the best temperature for the colors/ design
    Ideal temperatures for shrinking PVC capsules range from 180-260 degrees F. It is very important to have consistent airflow that circulated around the entire neck in order to achieve a good result.
    Bottle necks must be relatively dry and free of liquid containing sugar during PVC capsule application in order to achieve a good result.
    Bottle fit is very important for good PVC application.  Please send us your bottle so that we may size it properly.

7,800 Per Case

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