Elite PolyLam Capsules

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Bottle capsule
A Polylaminate capsule is a secondary closure used primarily in the wine and spirits industries that provides tamper-evidence as well as a finished look on a bottle that further enhances that brand. Capsules can be plain or decorated with a variety of decorating techniques.

These capsules are a two- piece construction.  The “Skirt” is made from a multilayer lamination of aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum and the top disk is made from a single layer of aluminum. The two pieces are glued together using heating and pressure during the forming process.  The formed capsule is spun down onto the neck of the bottle with a spinning machine for a finished look.

    Stock capsules have grape top emboss and two breather holes.
        Inquire about custom and plain top capsules.
    Stock capsules are 28.5 x 55mm
        Inquire about other sizes.

4,290 Per Case

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