Commercial Grain Mills

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Grain roller mill
25lbs or 40lbs per minute grain mill with precise gap setting and a powerful low RPM explosion proof geared motor to produce an accurate crush. 
Dual stainless steel bearing adjusters move through 9 positions to change the gap with the adjustment from .025" to .065" in .005" increments. The rollers are cold rolled steel with a diamond knurled pattern. 

The triangular configuration of the rollers forms two gaps. The first fixed at .070" softens the grain interior and speeds up throughput. The adjustable second gap can then more readily open the husk with less damage and separate it from the starch. This promotes easier sparging and higher brew house efficiency.

The gain mill comes with a Stainless steel hopper capable of holding up to 100lbs of grain and an output to an auger or grain bucket up to 20 gallons

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