Big Mama Gumball Machine

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Vending machine
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Big Mama Giant Jumbo Gumball Machine
Holds 23,000+ 1 inch (25 mm) Gumballs (850 count), Jawbreakers, Sweet Revenge Candy, Super Bouncy Balls or Round Capsules. Can be modified to vend 2 inch capsules.

Big Sister to the "Little Mama". The size speaks for itself! This is one HUGE gumball machine that towers over children and adults. A gumball machine to end all gumball machines! Watch how people line up to buy their gumballs. Take pride in having a "showpiece" gumball machine

Machine Details
Set for 25 cent vend
Special coin mechanism allows pennies, nickels, and dimes to fall through and not vend product
Holds approximately $1500 in quarters
PETG double coated, color throughout, high shine body
Available in Blue or Red
Foreign coin mechanism available

Optional 24 inch inner globe spacer reduces capacity to approximately 15,000+ gumballs (18 cases of 850 count 1 inch diamter gumballs) for only $350 more.

Machine Specifications
Height: 79 inches (200.66 cm)
Base: 42 inch diameter (106.68 cm)
Globe: Lexan, 35 inch diameter(88.9 cm)
Empty Weight: 130 lbs. (58.96 cm)

Made in USA. Replacement parts easily available. Lifetime Warranty on coin mechanism against manufacturer defects under normal working conditions and ordinary wear and tear. Allow 4 - 6 weeks production time.

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