Seaga Snack and Soda Combo Machine

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Vending machine
Style: Glass Front
Product Type: Combination
Method: Drop Style
Payment: Cash and Credit / Debit
Seaga SM22 Combo Machine 
Holds 164 snacks and 141 drinks. 
The Seaga SM22 Snack & Beverage Combo Vending Machine - This machine has taken a snack vending machine and combined it with a soda vending machine, giving customers a greater variety at break time. The top two trays are designed to feature wider products such as chips and pastries, while the third tray allows you to offer 8 different selections of confectionaries such as candybars. The bottom half of the machine dispenses cold beverages. It is set to vend 4 selections of 12 oz. cans and 3 selections of 16.9 oz. or 20 oz. bottles. The payment mechanisms are found on the right side of the upper half of the machine and the components are installed on a vertical slide-out shelf, designed for easy access.
Vends cold soda, chips, snacks and candy
Customer friendly LCD display
Coin changer - 3 tubes, quarters, nickels and dimes. Can be upgraded to 5 tubes
Accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coin
Bill validator accepts $1 and $5 bills
Multiple pricing from $0.05 to $99.95
MDB compatible and debit/credit card ready
Fully programmable - full sales reporting
Tilt down trays for easy loading
Sturdy, hard-wearing all steel design
Durable rust proof powder coat finish
Uses environmentally safe R134A refrigerant
1-year manufacturer's parts warranty
Selections: 16 snacks, 7 cold drinks
Snack Capacity: 164 items (64 wide products on the top 2 rows and 100 confectionery items on the 3rd row)
Soda Capacity: 141 drinks
Features the addition of a notch out for a credit card reader (face place installed standard to cover this opening) for easy addition of upgraded credit card payment system
Includes slide out service tray now has a swing door that allows easier access to the Changer to add & remove change
The main control board is now located on the back wall of the cabinet instead of the service tray to better protect the control board and harness.

Machine Specifications 
Height: 69.5" 
Width: 31" 
Depth: 29" 
Weight: 437 lbs

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