Splat Ball Pinball Toy and Gumball Machine

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Vending machine
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Splat Ball Pinball Toy and Gumball Machine
Interactive Pinball Game Vending Machine 

Is it a gumball machine? Is it a toy vendor? Or is it a pinball game?
It's all of the above! Deposit your quarter(s) to play, then the 1" gumball, jawbreaker, or super ball becomes your game ball. Play with your food for a while and get into some pinball action. If you're good, you could win a 2nd 1" prize. But if you're skilled, a grand prize 2" capsule toy or super ball will be yours. 

Please note that the Grand Prize may only be 2" foam balls, lighter self vending balls or buildables. The bouncy balls are too heavy for it.

Proven game concept with a new two prize twist
High impact shatter proof display area
Light and Sound Attraction (operator adjustable)
High quality eye-catching graphics (customizable)
Top-quality, all metal 50¢ coin mechanism; Optional 75¢ or $1.00 coin mechanism available
Anti-theft locking system
Small Foot Print
Suitable for all ages--expect quick ROI
Made in the USA--Replacement parts easily available

Dimensions: 55”H x 21.5”W x 44”D
Weight: 225 lbs.

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