Capmatic Mini-Crimp Semi-Automatic Crimper/ROPP Capper

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Bottle capper
Automation: Semi-automatic
•	One tabletop semi-automatic crimping machine with bottle (Max: height of 200 mm) (Max: height of 320 mm) 
•	For pharmaceutical aluminum ring-cap or ROPP
•	Painted casting supporting base
•	Mechanical elevation of the platform for crimping action - with fixed speed (900 strokes per hour)
•	Overall dimension 200 x 500 x 1000mm
•	Overall dimension 200 x 500 x 1120mm
•	Net weight 62 Kg
•	Crimping head with two folding knifes
•	Centralized stainless steel chuck 
•	Adjustable Downward pressure for perfect closure
•	Height adjustable knife for different neck thickness 
•	Knife are spring loaded to accommodate glass tolerance 
•	220 volt single phase 60 Hz

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