Capmatic SteelHeart (SH1) Peristaltic Pump

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Bottle filler
Automation: Semi-automatic
•	Tabletop semi-automatic dosing pump for liquid and semi viscous product 
•	From single to 12 heads 
•	Pump construction in stainless steel 316L (cabinet & rollers)
•	Servo motor drive
•	Self-adjusting tube clamping system
•	Allen Bradley PLC
•	Allen Bradley PanelView plus 600 touchscreen interface
•	Drip prevention feature “Suck back”
•	Remote or main panel start trigger
•	Can be used as a standalone unit or integrated onto automated equipment
•	Accepts broad range of tubing materials and sizes from 0.5 mm ID to 8.0 mm ID, with wall thicknesses of up to 3.2 mm
•	Flow rate of over 8 liters/minutes
•	Special quick disconnect pump cover with large grip pattern adapted for clean rooms
•	Dual offset stainless steel rollers to alleviate pulsation
•	Auto compensation feature
•	Conforms with GMP-US FDA
•	Electrical requirements are 120/240 volts, 50/60 Hz.

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