Capmatic Versafill In-Line Liquid Pressure Filler

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Bottle filler
Filling Method: Volume and Visual Level
Automation: Automatic
•	Automatic inline pressure filling system capable of handling liquid and semi-viscous product with level fills system 
•	From 100 ml to 5,000 ml
•	This system fill by level only not by quantity
•	From 10 to 80 BPM
•	Containers up to Ø200 mm
•	Frame completely covered with stainless steel 304
•	One upper tank in stainless steel 316L of about 100 litres with automatic level control 
•	Filling nozzles in stainless steel 316L with automatic level control
•	Transfer pump in polypropylene to bring back the liquid from the lower reservoir to the upper tank 
•	One lower tank in stainless steel for the recuperation of all overflow complete with cover and draining system at the bottom
•	Filling cycle controlled by an adjustment timer mounted directly onto the control panel 
•	Fill level can be guaranteed up to ± 1mm depending on the bottle nature and configuration
•	Machine controlled with P.L.C. Allen  Bradley MicroLogix 1400 or CompactLogix
•	Multi colors touch screen HMI – Allen Bradley Panel View 600 +
•	Status Beacon light
•	Tool less change over
•	Tempered glass Euroguard
•	220 volts, 3 phases, 60 Hz, 15 Amp (or specials request available)
•	Air at 100 PSI using 20 CFM
•	21 CFR part 11 Ready
•	Documentation

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