ACS: Automated Canning System V4.2 (35 CPM)

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Can filler
The Cask ACS V4.2 is a 35 can/minute conveyor driven automated canning system. Visit for more information.
- 35 cans/minute or 90 cases/hour
- Compact footprint (2' x 11')
- Only 1 operator required (with automated depal).
- Multiple can heights of the same diameter with minimal change over time (ie. 12 oz/355 ml and 16 oz/473 ml cans).
- 5 fill head station with CO2 pre-purge
- CO2 under lid gassing
- 15 to 20 ppb dissolved oxygen levels for extended shelf life
Cask offers affordable, compact canning systems for small to medium scale craft breweries, wineries, cider mills and drink manufacturers worldwide.

The system consists of a core conveyor with motor drive, a five head filler, a can lid dispenser, and a heavy duty can seamer all mounted on a stainless steel frame.

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