ACS X2: Automated Canning System X2 (75+ CPM)

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Can filler
The Cask ACS X2 is a 75+ can/minute conveyor driven automated canning system with dual electrical cam driven seamers. Visit for more information.
- 75+ cans/minute or 190+ cases/hour
- Compact footprint (2' x 14')
- Requires only 1 operators (with automated depal)
- Cam driven dual redesigned seamers powered by dual electric stepper motors
- Handles multiple can heights with the same diameter
- Improved Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Touch screen controls with on screen training videos

The system consists of a core conveyor with motor drive, a 10 head filler, a can lid dispenser, and two heavy duty cam-driven can seamers all mounted on a stainless steel frame.

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